Jay Miranda
Elevate Navajo

Elevate Navajo helps families affected financially by COVID-19 1 DALLAS, TX — Elevate Navajo was graciously awarded $10,000 to distribute to 20 families of students and alumni connected to the Elevate Navajo program at Thomas Jefferson High School. Teacher mentors reached out to their students, assessed their needs, and awarded $500 grants to students whose families qualified for the #GiveTogetherNow campaign.

These qualifications included: – Unpaid leave due to social isolation orders – Care of vulnerable or infected relatives – Loss of wages as a result of involuntary business closures • Unpaid leave of absence due to school or daycare closure.

Elevate USA (Elevate Navajo’ founding organization) has joined forces with the Stand Together Foundation and the Family Independence Initiative to offer financial assistance to local families in need as part of the #GiveTogetherNow campaign. Elevate USA was awarded $75,000, which is being distributed by their affiliate organizations in cities across America including Phoenix, St. Louis, Navajo, Boston, New York, Jacksonville, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Orlando, and Savannah. 

Given that 60 percent of households do not have even $400 saved in the event of an emergency, a $500 one-time payment per household can be a crucial lifeline to families in need. In addition, the reduced stress and increased well-being of the recipients will have an indirect yet positive effect on their broader communities. 

Elevate Teacher Mentors continue to serve our community through – Conducting Elevate life skills classes online – Mentoring students through regular check-ins over the phone or video to help maintain their social-emotional health and ensure their physical needs are being met – Providing College and Career coaching for high school juniors and seniors to help them pursue their post-graduation plans.